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Team Tactics is a realtime multiplayer tactical squad game for the PC, both Windows and Linux.

It's multiplayer, meaning it's always against other real live human beings! It's realtime, meaning there's no time to make a cup of tea (unless you've just been killed). And it's tactical, meaning it's more than just running and shooting. The winning side is usually determined by who is the most organised and tactical.

There are currently two missions which are automatically rotated: The Assassins and Moonbase Assault; in The Assassins, one side must assassinate the target before the time runs out. In Moonbase Assault, one side must destroy the computers before the time runs out.


Download the client for free here.


Controls are the standard W, A, S, D to move. Left-mouse to shoot. Q to show game stats, C for chat, ',' to change character class.

Did you say Character Classes?

Yes, there are currenly 6 character classes in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:-


What version of Java do I need? 1.7 or higher

Why can't I see the enemy? You can only see enemy units that are visible to your avatar, and only when your avatar is facing them.

Who can I contact with questions? Me, Stephen Carlyle-Smith

Team Tactics